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Streamline your court, save money, and eliminate escheatment all while reducing risk by eliminating check fraud. Your treasurer will enjoy immediate reconciliation.

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Save Court Budgets

Relying on time-consuming checks comes with unnecessary expenses. By switching to digital disbursements, prepaid debit cards, and electronic gift cards, your court can save roughly $7.78 per load. CourtFunds leaves no chance for check fraud and eliminates the expense of returned or uncashed checks.

“With CourtFunds we know the money is always going to be loaded on [the card]. CourtFunds always takes care of [the jurors], and it’s a burden lifted from our office and a lot of work we don’t have to go through anymore. I’d absolutely recommend talking to CourtFunds. They make it easy, they understand the duties we have and what we have to adhere to. They’re very easy to work with.”

Greg G. Allen – Superior Court Clerk, Forsyth Co., Georgia

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Avoid Check Fraud

Over 70% of issued checks experience fraud. CourtFunds prevents you from becoming another statistic by digitizing outgoing payments. When you swap stuffing envelopes for an electronic platform, you ensure the disbursements will be delivered to your jurors in a matter minutes without any fraud.

“It was so easy we didn’t think we were doing it right.”

Chastity Copeland – Clerk of Court, Greenwood Co., South Carolina

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Modernize Your Court

CourtFunds brings your court to the forefront of digital innovation and modernizes manual outgoing payments without installing additional software. By implementing a seamless electronic payment platform, our clients operate with frictionless disbursements and win the Court Innovation of the Year award.

“Our jails never want to switch away from CourtFunds, we love them!”

Michelle – Clerk of Circuit Court, Harrison County

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Provide Relentless Customer Support

Once your jurors receive their prepaid debit cards, customer support is on us. CourtFunds comes with a 24/7 IVR system for cardholder support and live customer service. Instead of dealing directly with your court, jurors can access their online account for real-time reporting on their card activity.

“I will help you when and however you need. You have a great product which I believe can help streamline processes and save money. Those are easy items for me to sell to any government official.”

Sheila Studdard – Clerk of Courts, Fayette County

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Increase Jury Satisfaction

CourtFunds creates a win-win situation for your court and your jurors. Jurors can choose their preferred fund retrieval method – a bank transfer, gift card, prepaid debit card, PayPal, charity donation and more. Let your jurors use funds in a manner most suited to them for the best consumer experience.

“CourtFunds is such a great product that we were so excited to finally have a jury trial go so we could try out the product! It was such an easy process and experience for us. I plan on telling everyone how smoothly it went to set up and use this product. I can’t imagine why more counties are not set up with CourtFunds!”

Cindy Joosten – Clerk of Circuit Court, Wood County

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