Courts and jails are slowly opening up more. As they do, they have to navigate social distancing protocols and trying to ensure safety and health of everyone possible. It is time to start rethinking payment solutions. Currently, courts are paying jurors with either paper checks or paper money. CourtFunds offers electronic, touchless payments that allow for germ-free disbursements. Touchless payments also save you time and money! Checks can cost up to $26 per check. However, CourtFunds reduces that payment to less than $1 per payment.

Over 100 different strains of bacteria from our skin and mouths are found on $1 bills. For instance, live flu viruses can survive in the porous cotton-linen blended US bills for up to 17 days. Additionally, a UK study showed that one 20 pound note will be touched by over 2,000 people over 9 years. Cocaine, fecal matter, acne agents, bacteria from domesticated animals, and food are all commonly found on US paper currency.

Make the switch today to CourtFunds for easy, electronic, and touchless payments. Your office will thank you!

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