CourtFunds Self Guided Tour

Who Is Rapid Financial?

Established in 2005 as a prepaid card program manager and card processor, Rapid Financial Solutions has vastly expanded its services into many industries and applications. With expertise in banking, software development and operations, Rapid works with businesses to provide complete end-to-end payment solutions. Rapid is a leader in offering prepaid products to financial institutions. We continue to improve our programs with robust reporting, the highest security, accurate inventory management, and powerful marketing. Additionally, we continuously look for ways to better our programs and enhance our clients’ experience.

Bond Reimbursement

Correctional Facilities


Rapid is a national leader in managing inmate funds at correctional facilities all over the country.

Court Disbursements


Helping courts step into today’s technology and get away from cash or paper check based systems is our specialty.

Jury Disbursement Timeline


CourtFunds is truly so easy it seems too good to be true. But it truly is as easy as it seems. The Jury Disbursement Timeline shows just how simple paying your jurors and all court disbursements can be.

What Is CourtFunds?

CourtFunds is a prepaid debit card product offering of Rapid Financial Solutions. The CourtFunds program was created to help streamline court disbursements. Thus, helping relieve the workload of court managers and improving an individuals’s experience by accelerating the speed of payments. We will handle any and all of your court disbursements and are ready to get your court program operational.

What is the True Cost of A Check?

Writing checks or using cash is one of the most time consuming and expensive ways you can pay your disbursements. Take a moment to really calculate all the costs involved.

Welcome Booklet

Dive a little deeper into what makes CourtFunds Jury Disbursements so easy to implement.
Welcome Booklet